National Security on Internet

How to Maintain a More Stable Society for National Progress and Solidarity

Recently there are several instances of uprising in Middle East countries. For the past 40 years, we saw such similar sceneries, and learned lots of lesson from those. The model of these uprisings from Somalia, Iraq, and Afghanistan…etc was quite similar:

First, large protect movement by mob was invoked by opposition party against government. With more and more confrontation and discontent, frustrated mob initiated violent riot everywhere in order to threaten police and paralyze the entire society.

Second, government will try to restore social order by military curfew, freezing lots of activities, and distributing allotment in different community to control situation. In each community, people will also discriminate themselves into different sects by ethic or religion. Worse case is the withdrawal of elites and foreign investment.

Third, eventually the result, whether government was there or not, was more ruin, poverty, hunger, and violence than before. Most business activities were just halted because there was no law or order. Everybody, anti government or pro-government, were all losers.

“But, as someone who led a peaceful revolution, I hope that their pride is tempered by pragmatism - because a change of regime is only the first step in establishing a democracy backed by the rule of law. Indeed, as my country, Ukraine, is now demonstrating, after revolutionary euphoria fades and normality returns, democratic revolutions can be betrayed and reversed.” - Yuliya Tymoshenko, leader of Orange Revolution in Ukraine, in her recent essay “Revolution Betrayed”.

She clearly stated that revolution by such blind mob protest movement cannot guarantee the establishment of democratic government and social justice based on her experience in Ukraine several years after revolution.

  • More educated younger generation with less responsibility
  • More influential cross-border satellite mass media with less moral constraints
  • More westernized living habits with less respect on tradition and heritage
  • More popular mobile phones with cheaper rate
  • More communication tools on Internet with less abiding by law
  • Why are more instances of uprisings there in this period than before? Are there peculiar common factors behind these instances? We need to take deeper look into our society and recent development of technology. With deeper insight on these societies, we can find more challenges coming to them, and more potential risks inside these societies, and even more opportunities among them. Both government and people should overcome these challenges, solve and ease these risks, and open these opportunities to the younger generation in order to create a more freedom society in terms of economic, political, religious, gender and ethical orders.

    The challenges in modern society are totally different from before. For the past six decades after World War II, there are more and more educated younger people in the society because of renovation in education system. These well educated young people have higher expectation and more ideal thoughts on existing social and political system, but they lack of practical experience and are highly frustrated about what they can do little without fully understanding and participating on current system.

    On the other hand, lot of information from cross border satellite TV channels also affects younger people behaviors and thoughts against traditional value and heritage. Young people usually pay little respect on their own culture root and past social development trait, and blindly adopt western value and living habits without choice. How can they gradually take over responsibility for their country and society in the future without truly understanding?

    Information with global vision is very common everywhere because of more convenient communication: such as cheaper rate and versatile applications of mobile phone, and Internet. Among these communication services, SMS and social network tool, such as twitter and facebook, on Internet, are the most powerful and influential means for people to communicate and exchange messages. If you think about that the nature of these messages is anonymity without any responsibility, some lawful restriction should be naturally applied on these tools..
  • Higher unemployed citizens
  • Higher inflation rate on food supply
  • More extreme religious elements
  • Higher demanded bourgeois
  • Sporadic corruptive bureaucracy
  • Uneven wealth distribution
  • There are also emerging risks behind highly developing and unstable society: new business will certainly recruit lots of employees with specialized skill, but also leave some people under unemployed condition during transition period. If this ratio is below certain level, society may still maintain dynamic stable. Sometimes because of fluctuated economic condition, this ratio may be over certain level periodically. Society may become unpredictable and unstable for a while.

    Food supply is always the serious problem and major reason for every revolution since 1789. With deficiency in food supply due to global warming effect, price may go higher in many developing countries, and poor families will suffer starvation first. If there were ambitious political or religion elements involved, extreme ideology and propaganda with rumors would rampage through mass media, popular folk songs, story tellers …etc. Situation will be worse and sporadic riots will be everywhere.

    On the other hand, rising bourgeois class usually wants more power in social wealth distribution process, and is greedy on every piece of fortune during drastically transitional period. Competing vigorously without moral sense usually results in corrupted bureaucracy and more uneven wealth distribution.

    The entire above phenomenon will deteriorate the floating social structure in development process and cause unstable situation. 
  • High acceptance for new social renovation
  • More national capital for new large infrastructure
  • More private investment on civil construction
  • Balanced health facilities between rural and urban areas
  • Higher literacy rate
  • Lower death rate
  • Asian value helps Asian countries develop their own countries with national dignity, culture value and social heritage for the past 30 years
    (China, Taiwan, Singapore, Korean, Japan)
  • More advanced society give citizens more economic freedom and democratic right
  • Behind challenges and risks, there are also potential opportunities: In modern society, social renovation based on justice is more welcome by different walk of people, and funding for such renovation in large social infrastructure is highly consensus by most citizens. So, it is highly acceptance among people.

    Of course, with proper incentive and profit, private investment on social construction is also promising. Even now some of the rich in our society also make lot of contribution on it every year regardless of reward.

    Higher literacy and lower death rate are also index of progress and goal of every government as well as balanced health facility provided between rural and urban areas. All these long term opportunities must be well developed into fruitful results under stable circumstance for our offspring. Without stable environment, all emerging opportunities eventually become impossible dreams! 

    It is commonly agreed that national progress must be under a stable society by an efficient government. In East Asia, lots of countries have similar path to develop their countries from developing stage into developed one under a stable environment for past 40 years. In Taiwan, Singapore, South Korea and Japan, we observe that both government and people are disciplined and concentrated on the national and social development and renovation step by step with national dignity, culture value and social heritage. 

    Now in these countries, people are rich in terms of spiritual and material lives, and have more civil right in public affairs. That’s also nature outcome of mature development stage. So, it is quite essential to have a stable environment for national progress and solidarity. 
  • Rumor is the biggest enemy in modern society
  • Frequent news announcement through mass media
  • Monitoring
    • SMS
    • Internet Content (Facebook, twitter)
  • Lawsuit against rumor spreaders

  • 2In modern society, the biggest enemy is rumor, because rumor is always used by ambitious political partisans in the process of power struggle and anti-social criminals. Rumor usually is used for disrupting the mutual trust between government and people as well as invoking social and economic tumults, so those activists can ignite upheaval and overthrow government. Besides, by the help of high technology from mobile device and Internet, rumor can be easily spread out just like wild fire in summer forest without any control. 

    For the government, which wants to have an effective crisis management on rumor control, there are couple ways:

    First step is the frequent news announcement to clarify distorted and malice rumor with the facts through mass media, better through foreign authorized news agencies, such as AFP, Reutter, BBC, CNN...etc.

    Second way is to effectively monitor activities on Internet and SMS. Especially for some active and popular communication tool, such as twitter and facebook, Intelligence Agency should pay more attention on it.

    Third, government must take legal step to lawsuit those rumor spreaders in public, and expose more fact to people, and gain people confidence on government.

    "The Internet, mobile phones and social networking platforms were the tools of a smaller, tech-savvy vanguard. The revolutionaries used these tools skillfully -- as successful revolutionaries always manage to do with the most disruptive technologies of their day.” said Rebecca MacKinnon, an Internet analyst."

  • Wael Ghonim, Google Regional Marketing Executive in Dubai, UAE
  • He created “We are all Khaled Said” page in Facebook to spark protest movement against and overthrow President Hosni Mubarak of Egypt in 2011
  • Target on rumors of social network and instant message on Internet under country LI law
  • Keep on tracking the sender and routes
  • Instant alarms on keywords, target suspects, and groups
  • Block or filter extreme comments on Internet
  • Good data retention management utility
  • Highly confidential operation with capability on more protocols and encryption ways
  • How Egypt uprising starts: it all starts from one man – Wael Ghonim, who created a page on facebook in December 2010 “We are all Khaled Said”, and later on this page sparked large scale of protest movement and overthrew President Hosni Mubarak after 2 months. This fact demonstrates powerful influence on Internet lively.

    "Revolutions have happened before," social media expert Rachel Sklar said. "And social media have been around for not very long. So, clearly, it takes more than just a Twitter stream or a Facebook page. The issue here is how quickly information spread, how these digital tools were used to mobilize people. And I think it's pretty striking how quickly this happened and the comparative lack of violence involved.

    The Egyptian Revolution makes it clear, if anybody was in doubt, that digital technologies are going to play a powerful role in the future of global politics. So, how to monitor Internet activities effectively is very important for a government with high morality and responsibility.

    So called effectively monitoring Internet activities, we need to understand what Internet monitor is:
    1. Every act of monitoring Internet must target on malice and distorted rumors of social network platform and instant message on Internet by country LI law;
    2. By the monitor tool, government can keep on tracking the senders and routes;
    3. The monitoring should be taken by sensitive word searching and online alarm in the process of network monitoring;
    4. It has the capability to filter and block those extreme comments on Internet;
    5. It can manage tons of transaction data collected every day;
    6. It can also decrypt those encrypted messages online;
    7. All the above operations must be under confidential way.
  • As developing such Internet monitor equipment for more than 10 years, Decision Group helps lot of governments to understand the important feedback of people on Internet, and prevent any unpredictable violent riot in the future. We do believe that a developed national is built on mutual trust of government and people. So, our product – E-Detective will be present to those countries, of which government wants to be close with their people
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Solution for Government and Interior Security Force:

  • Internet Activities Monitoring
  • Sensitive words, suspects and groups monitoring and alarm
  • Data Retention and Archiving
  • E-Detective is a real-time Internet interception, monitoring and forensics system that captures, decodes and reconstructs various types of Internet traffic. It is commonly used for organization Internet and behavioral monitoring, auditing, record keeping, forensics analysis and investigation as well as legal and lawful interception for lawful enforcement agencies such as Police Intelligence, Military Intelligence, Cyber Security Department, National Security Agencies, Criminal Investigation Agencies, Counter Terrorism Agencies etc.

    E-Detective is capable to decode, reassembly and reconstruct more than 150+ Internet applications and services such as Email (POP3, IMAP and SMTP), Webmail (Yahoo Mail, Windows Live Hotmail, Gmail etc.), Instant Messaging (Yahoo, MSN, ICQ, QQ, Google Talk, IRC, UT Chat Room, Skype), Social Network (facebook, twitter…), File Transfer (FTP, P2P), Online Games, Telnet, HTTP (Link, Content, Reconstruct, Upload and Download, Video Streaming), VoIP (optional module) etc.

    E-Detective also provides varieties of search functions. It provides Full Text Search (search by Key Words with Boolean support), Conditional Search, Similar Search and Association with Relationship Search. It also comes with Alert and Notification (Throughput, Conditional and Key Words Alert) functions that allow the network administrator to setup different alert rules and parameters. This allows alert to be triggered (email to be sent to administrator) once the specified content is found in the captured and reconstructed content.

    E-Detective comes with wide variety of management and administrative functions and features. It provides you various types of report with Top-Down View. Reports that can be created include Total Throughput Statistical Report, Network Service Report (Daily, Weekly basis), Top Websites etc. All statistics can be displayed in per IP Address or per User Account basis.

    Data retention function allows user to backup the captured raw data files or reconstructed contents. User can setup auto backup to backup these files to external drive (NAS or SAN) through FTP upload method. Besides, user can opt for manually backup these files by burning them into CD/DVD or even downloaded them to a local hard drive/PC.

    Other functions available are like Bookmark, Capture File List (Comparing the content of two files), Online IP List, Authority Assignment, Syslog Server etc. Others functions include hashed export (backup), file content comparison etc.

We do have several references worldwide with our solution in maintaining social stability, and like to share with you how they implement it effectively. We also provide you the training program on how to implement the process to monitor Internet. If you are interested in it, please check out the below Internet resource:

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