※SSL Option 導入が必要な場合があります。
Yahoo Mail, Gmail, Windows Live Hotmail,Gmail, Hinet, Hotmail Standard, PCHome, Giga, doxinternational mail,,, Gawab, prodata Mail, go2canada mail, REDIFF, Zimbra, Intljob, mediahub, QQ mail, nocglobal, canu, 126 mail...etc
Instant Messaging (IM/Chat) Yahoo Messenger, Windows Live Messenger (MSN), IRC, ICQ, UT Chat Room, Gtalk, Yahoo Web Chat, MSN Web Chat
Skype Text Chat Recording
※Skype Option導入時
Skype Optionを導入した場合、Chat logの取得が可能になります。
詳しくは E-Detective Option の Skype Optionをご覧ください。
Webcam (IM) Yahoo Messenger and Windows Live Messenger Webcam session
VoIP (IM) Yahoo Messenger
Social Network
※SSL Option 導入が必要な場合があります。
Facebook, twitter, plurk, Mixi...etc.
Mobile App WhatsApp (both Android and iPhone ログのみ)
HTTP HTTP Link, HTTP Content, HTTP Reconstruct, HTTP Upload and Download and Request
Video Streaming Youtube, Ustream, ニコニコ動画…etc. with flv/H.264 format
File Transfer FTP Upload/Download, P2P Uploald/Download
P2P File Sharing BitTorrent, eMule/eDonkey, FastTrack, Gnutella, Foxy, Flashget, Azureus(Vuze), BitTyrant, Kazaa, ezpeer+, LimWare, BitSpririt, BearShare, uTorrent, BitLoad, BitBody …etc
File Server Transaction
※ CIFS option 導入時
MS Windows Server (CIFS)
Telnet Support with Play Back
VoIP (Standard)
※VoIP option 導入時
SIP, H.323 RTP Voice Sessions (Supported Codecs includes G.711, G.723, G.726, G.729 and iLBG)
※SQL option 導入時

Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySQL

Online Game
 login Log

Various Online Games like Ragnarok Online, Mapple Story, War of World Craft, ZT, FairyLand, Kinf of King, Katrider, BnB, Mabinogi, Hotdance, Gatamped, Pangya, Heatproject, DTG, Superrich, O2jam, Seal, COCOCAN, Nage, Gersang, Laghaim, Hot, 3P, SF, Noritel, Elysium, Stoneage, A3, HE, ZU, Cabala, JY1, JY2, Wonderland, SAN, TS, LoveBox, SANGO, Dekaron, Cabal, Rohan, GVO, CG, DOMO, BO, SWDOL, DOMOFREE, RICHOL, RO, Mir3, JX, JX2, TTH, RF Online, SOL, Nobol, FDO, GHOSTSOUL, AL, CPW, 1003b, 9D, EverQuestll,. Silkroad2, Metin, MS, SUN, Hero, HB, WE5, FongShen, FongShen2, Q3baby, SHE and Megaten....etc.