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450 nabbed in largest Taiwan-China fraud bust

About 450 people were arrested in Taiwan and China Wednesday in the largest joint anti-fraud operation launched by the two sides, the island's police said.

More than 2,700 Chinese policemen and nearly 550 from Taiwan took part in coordinated raids against scam rings on both sides of the Taiwan Strait, said the Criminal Investigation Bureau in Taipei.

Taiwan police arrested 121 suspects and confiscated more than 10 million Taiwan dollars (312,500 US) while 329 were rounded up by Chinese authorities, according to the bureau.

September 10, 2010


Traditional Crime with Cutting Edge Technology

With mobile, Internet, IP phone, mobile Internet access or other value-added telecom services, swindlers commit more crimes easily; However, by whatever advanced technology and tool they use, the nature of their crimes always stays all the same.  We still need to profile such crimes by the analysis on conditions, mindset, and behavior of crime.



Fraud Step 1/2 

First hook personnel data by enquiry of overdue telephone bill


Fraud Step 2/2

Analyze data and select victim Fraud as faked prosecutor to steal victim money from bank account



Victim Send Money to Crime Group

Crime Ask victim go to Bank, ATM Or use Internet Bank send money to Grime account



Map of International IP-Com fraud

Data Packet Captured through Telco IP Switch

Directly capture IP data packets from both application or media layers of IMS/all IP networks. So it is not necessary to pass through mediation platform. It’s predicted that this will be the future trend for all Telco operators




What Lawful Interception Needs Now…..



Lawful Intercept 140 Internet Protocols



Sample: Email (POP3, SMTP and IMAP)



Sample: IM -Yahoo, MSN, ICQ, IRC, QQ, GTalk etc…



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